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Needle roller and cage assemblies K3X5X7-TV

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Needle roller and cage assemblies

Radial needle roller and cage assemblies:

1).are suitable for applications with a very small radial design envelope, where the raceways on the shaft and in the housing are designed as rolling bearing raceways (direct bearing arrangement)

2).can support high radial loads

3).allow high speeds

4).combine the load carrying capacity advantages of full complement needle roller bearing arrangements with the speed advantages of a cage bearing

5).have a high running accuracy

6).result in rigid bearing arrangements

7).are easy to mount

8).permit technically straightforward, economical and cost-effective designs.

K series  K3X5X7-TV

Fw 3 mm
Ew 5 mm
Bc 7 mm
m 0,3 g Mass
Cr 1540 N Basic dynamic load rating, radial
C0r 1290 N Basic static load rating, radial
Cur 155 N Fatigue limit load, radial
nG 50000 1/min Limiting speed
nϑr 78000 1/min Reference speed

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