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CR 18785 shaft seal CR17448 CR32502 CR51125 CR99334 CR99187 CR504277 CR504264 CR99413

Radial shaft seal
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CR 18785 shaft seal CR17448 CR32502 CR51125 CR99334 CR99187 CR504277 CR504264 CR99413 

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What is Radial shaft seal

Radial shaft seals, also known as lip seals, are used to seal rotary elements, such as a shaft or rotating bore. Common examples include strut seals, hydraulic pump seals, axle seals, power steering seals, and valve stem seals. Early radial shaft seals utilized rawhide as the sealing element, and many elastomeric seal companies today once were tanneries. The advent of modern elastomers replaced rawhide, industry also added a garter spring which helps the sealing lip compensate for lip wear and elastomer material changes.

The seal construction will consist of a sprung main sealing lip which has a point contact with the shaft. The point contact is formed by two angles, with the air side angle usually less than the oil side angle. Depending on the seal type these two angles are varied to create a pressure distribution at the seal contact point which has a steeper slope on the oil side of the seal. The shallower the slope on the oil side of the seal the wetter the seal will run. The spring is positioned such that axially the centerline of the spring is biased to the air side of the lip contact point.

In order to exclude contaminants numerous types of dust lips or exclusionary lips may be used. Common elastomers include FKM, ACM, NBR, HNBR, and AEM. In order to resist wear, the compounds' durometer (hardness) is typically 70 to 85 Shore A (between that of an automobile tire and a soft inline-skate wheel).

A different seal design for similar applications is a rotating face seal.

Lead has Part number of CR seals.

CR12483 CR99787 CR99721 CR32501 CR32502  CR25588 CR99750 CR99393    CR99854 CR48692  CR11138    CR27324 CR25076 CR52447 CR52475 CR93115  5900 100*120*12 CRW1 V   CR47697 CR14810  CR22361  CR32392 CR99315  CR43650  CR44968  CR41125  CR41126    CR63700 CR17340  CR16814 CR29465  CR17780    CR17292  CR9907  CR57531 CR100075  CR1300542 CR18652  CR7693  CR19737  CR17752  CR171025  CR24898  CR24910  CR9879  CR43650 CR17761 CR99159 CR99139 CR99147 CR23641 CR33426 CR99872 CR29871 CR29384  CR29184 415683  CR32393  CR32392 CR99630  CR22361 CR37533  CR17448  CR32502 CR51125  CR99334 CR99187  CR504277  CR504264  CR99413 CR99354 CR99687 CR504272 CR44968 CR17292  CR33665    CR99313    CR99552  CR99640 CR99294  CR99630  CR99354 CR99254 CR99787 CR99435 CR99315 CR99366 CR11606 CR11605  CR24898 CR43761 CR4769R52658 CR25431 CR42528  CR79961 CR511201 CR29226 CR29224 CR12350 R542756  CR18734 CR11392 CR11123 CR11124  CR19763 CR12360  CR62495 CR13534 CR64998 CR57522 CR9876 CR13514 CR33412 CR16046 CR32502 CR23685 CR16816 CR16817 CR99571 CR99359  CR29952  CR29958  CR9725 CR17750  CR19929  CR19301 CR56101 CR42433 CR18652  CR22353 CR22354 CR29850  CR43073CR43761 CR29952 CR33701 CR16062  CR12360 CR17750 CR17754 CR19606 CR9725  CR13938  CR18242 CR18114 CR13920 CR17381   CR34868  CR28790 CR27280  CR11171 CR33665 CR60026

Part No.Part No.
CR39923   101.6 MM×126.97 MM×9.53 MMCR12662   32MM×56MM×12
CR42426   107.95 MM×133.38 MM×11.13 MMCR12719   32MM×46MM×8
CR54931   139.7 MM×165.1 MM×12.7 MMCR12730   32MM×47MM×8
CR54972   139.7 MM×171.45 MM×12.7 MMCR12731   32MM×47MM×8
CR54960   139.7 MM×171.45 MM×12.7 MMCR12735   32MM×48MM×8
CR5606    14.3 MM×25.37 MM×6.35 MMCR12736   32MM×48MM×8
CR5652    14.3 MM×28.55 MM×6.35 MMCR12740   32MM×50MM×8
CR56102   142.88 MM×168.28 MM×12.7 MMCR12741   32MM×50MM×8
CR57521   146.05 MM×177.8 MM×12.7 MMCR12745   32MM×52MM×8
CR58716   149.22 MM×180.98 MM×12.7 MMCR12746   32MM×52MM×8
CR58717   149.22 MM×180.98 MM×12.7 MMCR12760   32MM×56MM×8
CR6229   15.88 MM×28.55 MM×9.53 MMCR12780   32MM×62MM×6.35
CR60006   152.4 MM×177.85 MM×12.7 MMCR13392   34MM×47MM×9
CR60028   152.4 MM×190.5 MM×12.7 MMCR13398   34MM×52MM×10
CR64998   165.1 MM×190.5 MM×12.7 MMCR13403   34MM×58MM×13
CR64993    165.1 MM×190.5 MM×12.7 MMCR13425   34MM×48MM×8
CR64994   165.1 MM×190.5 MM×12.7 MMCR13426   34MM×48MM×8
CR65021   165.1 MM×203.2 MM×12.7 MMCR13438   34MM×54MM×11
CR65037   165.1 MM×203.2 MM×12.7 MMCR13445   34MM×55MM×8
CR66217   168.28 MM×193.68 MM×12.7 MMCR13450   34MM×56MM×8
CR70034   177.8 MM×212.73 MM×15.88 MMCR13452   34MM×56MM×8
CR70080   177.8 MM×215.9 MM×12.7 MMCR13475   34MM×62MM×8
CR70052   177.8 MM×215.9 MM×15.88 MMCR13762   35MM×47MM×5
CR70053   177.8 MM×215.9 MM×15.88 MMCR13776   35MM×42MM×4
CR70054   177.8 MM×215.9 MM×15.88 MMCR13779   35MM×45MM×4
CR72805   184.99 MM×224.79 MM×15.88 MMCR13829   35MM×52MM×6
CR73720    187.32 MM×212.73 MM×12.7 MMCR13923   35MM×72MM×8
CR73730    187.32 MM×215.9 MM×12.7 MMCR13938   35MM×47MM×7
CR77506   187.32 MM×215.9 MM×12.7 MMCR13939   35MM×47MM×7
CR73745   187.32 MM×225.43 MM×15.88 MMCR13941   35MM×48MM×8
CR7449     19.05 MM×31.75 MM×9.53 MMCR13942   35MM×48MM×8
CR76225   193.68 MM×225.43 MM×12.7 MMCR13944   35MM×50MM×8
CR76255   193.68 MM×231.78 MM×15.88 MMCR13946   35MM×50MM×8
CR77531   196.85 MM×228.6 MM×15.88 MMCR13947   35MM×52MM×8
CR78738   200.03 MM×238.13 MM×15.88 MMCR13949   35MM×52MM×8
CR79960   203.2 MM×228.6 MM×15.88 MMCR13954   35MM×55MM×8
CR79961   203.2 MM×228.6 MM×15.88 MMCR13957   35MM×54MM×8
CR77996   203.2 MM×234.95 MM×15.88 MMCR13963    35MM×55MM×8
CR79997   203.2 MM×234.95 MM×15.88 MMCR13969   35MM×62MM×8
CR80010   203.2 MM×241.3 MM×15.88 MMCR13970   35MM×62MM×8
CR90023   228.6 MM×266.7 MM×15.88 MMCR13974    35MM×68MM×8
CR9876   25.4 MM×38.07 MM×6.35 MMCR13975    35MM×69MM×8
CR9997   25.4 MM×44.5 MM×6.35 MMCR13976    35MM×68MM×8
CR10158   25.4 MM×52.37 MM×6.35 MMCR13979    35MM×72MM×8
CR1050240   266.7 MM×304.8 MM×17.48 MMCR14004    36MM×46MM×9
CR105051   266.7 MM×317.5 MM×15.88 MMCR14009    36MM×50MM×7
CR11197   28.57 MM×47.04 MM×7.95 MMCR14010    36MM×50MM×8
CR1585   30.18 MM×47.63 MM×9.53 MMCR14016    36MM×52MM×8
CR12364   31.75 MM×44.5 MM×6.35 MMCR14017    36MM×52MM×8
CR12407   31.75 MM×50.27 MM×6.35 MMCR14024    36MM×54MM×8
CR12437   31.75 MM×50.37 MM×6.35 MMCR14027    36MM×54MM×8
CR12445   31.75 MM×50.8 MM×6.35 MMCR14040    36MM×58MM×8
CR13557   34.92 MM×50.37 MM×7.95 MMCR14045    36MM×60MM×8
CR13865   34.92 MM×63.55 MM×7.95 MMCR14046    36MM×60MM×8
CR14211   36.53 MM×50.88 MM×7.95 MMCR14050    36MM×62MM×8
CR14907   37.69 MM×57.25 MM×7.95 MMCR14055    36MM×65MM×8
CR14807   38.1 MM×47.6 MM×6.35 MMCR14178    36MM×56MM×8
CR14876   38.1 MM×53.98 MM×7.95 MMCR14181    36MM×62MM×9
CR14974   38.1 MM×59.13 MM×12.7 MMCR14183    36MM×62MM×10
CR16046   41.27 MM×50.8 MM×6.35 MMCR14476    37MM×47MM×4
CR16069   41.27 MM×59.13 MM×11.13 MMCR14494    37MM×55MM×10
CR16657   42.88 MM×59.13 MM×7.95 MMCR14571    37MM×52MM×10
CR16735   42.88 MM×64.8 MM×11.94 MMCR14572    37MM×58MM×13
CR17415   44.45 MM×65.05 MM×6.35 MMCR14573    37MM×62MM×9
CR17404   44.45 MM×65.05 MM×7.95 MMCR14697    38MM×48MM×4
CR17406   44.45 MM×65.07 MM×12.7 MMCR14701  38MM×50MM×7 
CR17413   44.45 MM×65.15 MM×7.95 MMCR14703   38MM×50MM×7
CR17617   44.45 MM×69.04 MM×9.12 MMCR14704  38MM×52MM×8 
CR17699   44.45 MM×76.2 MM×7.95 MMCR14706  38MM×52MM×8 
CR18558   47.63 MM×63.55 MM×6.35 MMCR14708  38MM×53MM×8 
CR21352   53.98 MM×85.62 MM×9.53 MMCR14710  38MM×54MM×7 
CR21538   54.48 MM×80.98 MM×11.91 MMCR14720  38MM×55MM×8 
CR22558   57.15 MM×85.62 MM×11.13 MMCR14721  38MM×55MM×8 
CR24914   63.5 MM×82.58 MM×11.13 MMCR14724  38MM×56MM×8 
CR24899   63.5 MM×82.58 MM×9.53 MMCR14725  38MM×56MM×8 
CR28745   73.03 MM×98.45 MM×11.13 MMCR14730  38MM×58MM×8 
CR28748   73.03 MM×98.45 MM×11.13 MMCR14732  38MM×58MM×8
CR30125   76.2 MM×126.97 MM×11.13 MMCR14740  38MM×60MM×8 
CR29865   76.2 MM×95.28 MM×9.53 MMCR14741  38MM×60MM×8 
CR35556   90.5 MM×114.33 MM×11.13 MMCR14742  38MM×62MM×8 
CR37396   95.25 MM×120.68 MM×11.13 MMCR14744  38MM×62MM×8
CR37532   95.25 MM×126.97 MM×11.13 MMCR14774  38MM×80MM×8