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SL series Cylindrical Roller Bearing SL045005PP SL185004

Double rows
High quality
High precision
Brass cage/steel cage
Long work life

SL series Cylindrical Roller Bearing SL045005PP SL185004 SL045004-PP SL183004 SL182204 SL183005 SL185005 SL045005-PP SL182205 SL182205

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Cylindrical roller bearing is a separable bearing,easy to assembly and dismantle,Tight fit can be use for both inner and outer rings.The corrected contact line between the rollers and raceway can reduce stress concentration.

Information of the cylindrical roller bearing

Cylindrical roller and raceway for the line contact bearings. Load capacity, the main radial load. The rolling element and ring wall friction is small, suitable for highspeed rotation. According ring without ribs, can be divided NU, NJ, NUP, N, NF and other single row bearings, and NNU, NN and other double row bearings. The bearing is the inner, outer separable structure. Inner or outer wall of the cylindrical roller bearings, the inner and outer rings relative to the axial movement can therefore be used as freeend bearings. On either side of the inner and outer double wall, the other side of the ring has a single wall of the cylindrical roller bearings, can withstand a certain degree of axial load direction. General use of steel stamping cage, or copper alloy machined cage. But there are also some use of polyamide forming cage.


1.High quality and good service

2.Less friction and low noise

3.Competitive price

4.Quick delivery

5. Small order accepted

6.Excellent antitrust technology

7.Long life

8.Large size range:inner diameter from  80mm-1360mm.

9.Variations of structure:NU,N,NJ,NF,NUP,NH,NCLV...,NB, NU...V,NNU,NNCF,NNCL,NNCS,FC,FCD,FCDP.

10. Physical Characteristics:

1).Cylindrical roller bearing can be separated bysingle row,double rows and four rows.

2).Cylindrical Roller bearing can be submitted to high radial load and some axial load.

3).The rolling element of cylindrical roller bearing is cylinder,the two ends of the external lines have the corrective slope which can eliminate the contact stress.

4).Cylindrical roller bearing have high rigid and apply to machines such as rolling mills.

The main purpose

Medium-sized motors, locomotives, machine tool spindle, internal combustion engines, generators, gas turbines, gear boxes, rolling mill, vibrating screen and lifting and transport machinery.

Part Nos as below:

SL045005PP SL185004 SL045004-PP SL183004 SL182204 SL183005 SL185005 SL045005-PP SL182205 SL182205 SL183006 SL045006PP SL045006-PP SL182206 SL182206 SL183007 SL045007PP SL185007 SL045007-PP SL182207 SL182207 SL183008 SL045008PP SL185008 SL045008-PP SL045009PP SL182208 SL182208 SL182208 SL183009 SL045009PP SL185009 SL045009-PP SL182209 SL182209 SL183010 SL045010PP SL185010 SL045010-PP SL045010PP SL182210 SL182210 SL045011PP SL185011 SL045011-PP SL182211 SL014912 SL184912 SL024912 SL014912 SL045012PP SL185012 SL045012-PP SL182212 SL045013PP SL185013 SL045013-PP SL182213 SL184914 SL024914 SL014914 SL014914 SL045014PP SL185014 SL045014-PP SL182214 SL185015 SL045015-PP SL182215 SL045015PP SL184916 SL024916 SL014916 SL014916 SL05016E SL045016PP SL185016 SL045016-PP SL182216

SL045017PP SL185017 SL045017-PP SL182217 SL014918 SL184918 SL014918 SL045018PP SL185018 SL045018-PP SL18 2218 SL045019PP SL045019-PP SL182219 SL184920 SL184920 SL024920 SL05020E SL045020PP SL185020 SL045020-PP SL182220 SL184922 SL014922 SL045022PP SL185022 SL045022-PP SL182222 SL184924 SL024924 SL014924 SL045024PP SL185024 SL045024-PP SL182224 SL184926 SL024926 SL014926 SL045030PP SL04130-PP

SL045026PP SL185026 SL045026-PP SL182226 SL184928 SL024928 SL014928 SL04140-PP SL185028 SL045028-PP SL182228 SL024830 SL014830 SL184930 SL024930 SL014930 SL04150-PP SL185030 SL045030-PP SL182230 SL024832 SL014832 SL184932 SL024932 SL014932 SL04160-PP SL045032-PP SL182232 SL024834 SL184934 SL024934 SL014934 SL04170-PP SL045034-PP SL045034-PP SL045034PP SL182234 SL024836 SL014836 SL04180-PP SL184936 SL024936 SL014936 SL05036E SL045036-PP SL182236 SL024838 SL014838 SL184938 SL024938 SL014938 SL04190-PP SL045038-PP SL182238 SL181840 SL024840 SL014840 SL04200-PP SL184940 SL02494 SL014940 SL045040-PP SL182240 SL181844 SL024844 SL014844 SL184944 SL024944 SL014944 SL04220-PP  SL045044-PP SL181848-E SL024848 SL014848 SL184948 SL014948 SL04240-PP SL045048-PP SL181852-E SL024852 SL014852 SL04260-PP SL184952 SL024952 SL014952 SL045052-PP SL181856-E SL024856 SL014856

SL184956 SL024956 SL014956 SL045056-PP SL181860-E SL024860 SL014860 SL014860 SL04300-PP SL184960

SL024960 SL014960 SL045060-PP SL181864-E SL024864 SL014864 SL184964 SL024964 SL014964 SL181868-E

SL024868 SL014868 SL184968 SL024968 SL181872-E SL024872 SL014872 SL184972 SL024972 SL014972

SL181876-E SL184976 SL024976 SL014976 SL181880-E SL024880 SL014880 SL014880 SL184980 SL024980

SL014980 SL181884-E SL181888-E SL181892-E SL181896-E SL182996 SL1818/500-E SL1829/500