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Taper Roller Railway Axle Bearings M241547/M241513XD Train Bearing

Train bearing/railway bearing
Double row taper roller bearing

Taper Roller Railway Axle Bearings 

M241547/M241513XD Train Bearing 

TAROL units (Tapered Roller Bearings) are double row tapered roller bearings that are supplied with factory-set clearance, greased and sealed. The TAROL units are thus supplied ready-to-fit and are pressed onto the shaft journal by means of a hydraulic unit.

TAROL units are used as wheelset bearing supports on rail vehicles such as goods wagons and passengercarriages. They can be mounted quickly and easily: The bearing ispressed onto the shaft journal in a single operation and is secured by means of additional parts and bolts. Due to the press fit of the unit on a shaft journal of a diameter within the specified tolerances,the bearing support achieves thenecessary axial clearance.


TAROL units are filled as standard with greases proven in practice.The standard grease in the bearing units with metric dimensions is certified in accordance with EN 12081. Grease approved to AAR is used as standard in the inch dimension units.

We can also supply TAROL units with relubrication holes in the outer ring on request. The relubrication intervals are defined in accordance with the application.

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We supply TAROL units in inch and metric dimensions for all standardized shaft journals on railvehicles. Special dimensions, individual parts, replacement partsand housing adapters are available by agreement.

We offer solutions for a wide range of wheelset designs for all kinds of railway rolling stock. This includes high-speed trains, diesel and electric locomotives, diesel and electrical multiple units, passenger coaches, freight cars and mass transit vehicles like tram cars. 

More Part Nos

ClassInner Race (Cone) Number Outer Race (Cup) Number
d (1)D (2)C

BoreOutside DiameterWidth


B (4 1⁄4 x 8)HM120848TAROL4X8-U-JP101.6165.1114.3
C (5 x 9)HM124646BT2-8735 BB119.062195.262142.875
D (5 1⁄2 x 10)HM127446BT2-8547BB131.75207.962152.4
HM127415XDTARO5 1⁄2 x 10-U-JP5.1878.18756
E (6 x 11)HM129848BT2-8516BB144.45220.662163.512
HM129814XDTAROL6 x 11-U-JP5.6878.68756.4375
F (6 1⁄2 x 12)HM133444BT2-8612BB157.15252.412184.15
HM133416XDTAROL6 1⁄2X12-U-JP6.1879.93757.25
G (7 x 12)HM136948BT2-8609BB177.787276.225185.725
G (7 x 14)HM136948BT2-8609BB177.787276.225185.725
GG (7)H337846
K (8)M241547