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Rod end bearing No Lubrication type model NHS-T

This no lubrication rod end uses self-lubricating
synthetic resin formed between the steel holder
and the spherical inner ring.
Since the clearance on the sliding surface is
minimized, an accurate link motion is achieved.


 The Rod End is a self-aligning plain bearing that uses a spherical inner ring which has the same level of accuracy and hardness as bearing steel balls. With the combination of a spherical inner ring a rationally designed holder, the Rod End ensures play free, extremely smooth rotation and oscillation.

No Lubrication Type - Model NHS-T


Model No.Outer dimensionsThreadedHolder DimensionsSpherical inner ring dimensionsMass

LDWJIS Class 2WD1D2BL1L2dBall Da mm (inch)d1Cg

NHS 3T27126M3×0.576.584.52131039.525(3/8)
NHS 4T31147M4×0.7889.55.324412410.319(13/32)7.60.310
NHS 5T35168M5×0.8991162714511.112(7/16)7.70.316.5
NHS 6T39189M6×11110136.75305612.7(1/2)90.325
NHS 8T472212M8×1.251412.51693617815.875(5/8)10.40.543
NHS 10T562614M10×1.517151910.5436.5211019.05(3/4)12.90.572
NHS 12T653016M12×1.751917.5221250241222.225(7/8)15.40.5107
NHS 14T743419M14×222202513.5578271425.4(1)16.90.7160
NHS 16T833821M16×22222271564331628.575(11/8)19.40.7210
NHS 18T924223M18×1.527253116.57110361831.75(11/4)21.90.7295
NHS 20T1004625M20×1.53027.5341877402034.925(13/8)24.40.7380
NHS 22T1095028M22×1.5323037208412432238.1(11/2)25.80.7490