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MTE-540T Slewing Ring Bearing Turntable Bearing for Cranes

Part Number MTE-540T
Moment Load Rating (Crm) 232000ft-lbs | 1035.714KN
Bearing Types Slewing Ring Bearing

MTE-540T Slewing Ring Bearing Turntable Bearing for Cranes

MT Series slewing ring bearings have a rectangular cross-section and range in size from 4 – 47 inches OD (100 – 1200 mm). They provide optimal economy and capacity for a given envelope dimension.

Design Features

The internal configuration consists of deep groove gothic arch raceways and maximum ball complement. This results in a four-point contact design which provides exceptional moment, thrust, and radial load capacities. Integral face riding seals for the larger sizes and non-contact shields for the smaller assist in the exclusion of contaminants. These features make them an ideal choice for a 

wide range of applications from light to heavy duty.

MT Series bearings are offered in non-geared (MTO) and externally geared (MTE) configurations. The gears are Fellows Stub Involute up to the MTE-324 size and Stub Involute for larger sizes, all manufactured to AGMA Class Q6 quality. Contact Kaydon for tooth backlash allowance.

Part numbers ending in a “T” suffix have threaded mounting holes. Thread depths are a minimum of 1.5 times the nominal hole size diameter indicated.Part numbers ending in an "X" suffix provide additional load capacity.


MT Series bearings have been used successfully in a wide range of applications from light to heavy duty.

The smaller sizes are well suited for:

❚ Manipulators❚ Jib cranes❚ Lift-assist devices❚ Work positioners

Larger sizes are well suited for:

❚ Truck-mounted cranes❚ Aerial lifts❚ Hoists❚ Small wind turbines❚ Non-precision positioning tables




Part NumberMTE-540T
Moment Load Rating (Crm)232000ft-lbs | 1035.714KN
Bearing TypesSlewing Ring Bearing
Outline Dimensions and Weight
Outside Diameter of Outer Ring (Do)29.65" | 753.11mm
Inside Diameter of Inner Ring (di)21.25" | 539.75mm
Height of Overall Bearing Assembly (H)2.375" | 60.33mm
Height of Inner Ring (Hi)/Height of Outer Ring (Ho)2.063" | 52.4mm
Approximate Weight (lbs)163lbs | 73.935KG
Mounting Holes
Bolt Circle in Outer Ring (Lo)27.250" | 692.15mm
Number Holes in Outer Ring (no)24
Size of Hole in Outer Ring (Bo)3/4-10
Bolt Circle in Inner Ring (Li)22.750" | 577.85mm
Number Holes in Inner Ring (ni)28
Size of Hole in Inner Ring (Bi)3/4-10
Gear Data
Pressure Angle of Gear Teeth (α)20 º
Tooth formSD
Pitch diameter of gear(D2)29.25" | 742.95mm
Diametral pitch(Pd)4
Number of gear teeth(z2)117
Face width of gear teethαb2)2.063"
Mating Pinions39200001 39200002