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HS6-37E1Z Slewing Ring Bearing Turntable Bearing for Cranes

Part Number HS6-37E1Z
Moment Load Rating (Crm) 130,900ft-lbs | 584.375KN
Pressure Angle of Gear Teeth (α) 20 º
Maximum Allowable Gear Tooth Load (Fz) 6,860lbs | 30.625KN
Bearing Types Slewing Ring Bearing

HS6-37E1Z Slewing Ring Bearing Turntable Bearing for Cranes

HS Series slewing ring bearings provide exceptional load and thrust capacity in a surprisingly small envelope. They are similar in size to Kaydon’s popular RK series, but have a rectangular cross-section and less internal diametral clearance. This lets them handle about twice the moment load (up to 139,900 ft-lbs.).

HS Series bearings feature a 4-point contact design, deep groove gothic arch raceways and a maximum ball complement. They are available in sizes from 20” to 47” O.D. (500mm-1,200mm), with internal gearing, external gearing, or no gearing. All have integral seals to protect against contamination and two fittings for lubrication.

HS vs. RK: more capacity in the same space

The HS Series offers up to twice the static capacity of our RK Series in the same envelope. Although they use the same pinion, gear, and ring hardness, HS and RK bearings have different designs, clearance and mounting arrangements. 


Kaydon's HS slewing ring bearings provide a variety of solutions for medium to heavy-duty applications including:


|Aerial lifts

|Digger derrick

|Chute swivels

|Lift truck rotators

|Industrial turntables


hs no.pnghs nei.pnghs wai.png


Part NumberHS6-37E1Z
Moment Load Rating (Crm)130,900ft-lbs | 584.375KN
Pressure Angle of Gear Teeth (α)20 º
Maximum Allowable Gear Tooth Load (Fz)6,860lbs | 30.625KN
Bearing TypesSlewing Ring Bearing
Outline Dimensions and Weight
Outside Diameter of Outer Ring (Do)41.200" | 1046.48mm
Inside Diameter of Inner Ring (di)32.830" | 833.88mm
Approximate Weight (lb)207lbs | 93.893KG
Mounting Holes
Bolt Circle in Outer Ring (Lo)38.880" | 987.55mm
Number Holes in Outer Ring (no)28
Bolt Circle in Inner Ring (Li)34.380" | 873.25mm
Number Holes in Inner Ring (ni)20
Gear Data
Pitch Diameter of Gear (D2)40.667" | 1032.94mm
Diametral Pitch (Pd)3
Number of Gear Teeth (z2)122
Mating Pinions39200003 39200004