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Excavator Bearing SF3227VPX1 200x160x10mm Slewing Bearings

Angular Contact Ball Bearing
Size 200x160x10mm
Slewing Bearings
Excavator bearings

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Excavator specialized angular ball bearing are used for the application of excavator machinery. 

This kind of angular contact ball bearing has big contact angle(40degree),so can undertake big axial load,and aslo axial and radial allied load.Moreover it can carry heavier load capacity than the same size bearings because it has more balls inside.

It is widely used for all imported excavator.

LDB provides all kinds of engineering machinery slewing bearing with high quality and good performance. Our main products are various slewing bearings for Caterpillar Excavator 320B, 320L, 215B, 225B, 980C, 3408B, 3306, 3406, 320, 245B models, for Komatsu Excavator PC60, PC100-5, PC120, PC200, PC220, PC300, PC400 models, Volvo EC210B, EC210, 240, 240 models, Hitachi EX60-2, EX60 EX60-1-5, EX120 EX100-1-5, EX200-1, 2, EX200 EX200- 3, EX300 EX200-5-3, 200, ZAXL350 models, etc.

LDB regards high quality and high precision products as the guide. We pay attention to quality inspection of every production and purchase process. Before the products are put into market, they will go through strict inspection, to ensure the products with excellent quality and excellent performance and meet the needs of the various complex conditions.

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Mobilephone: 0086-15965629650

Email: leadbearingca852@gmail.com