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Bearings for Oilfield Drilling Equipment Mud Pump Bearings

Type:Drilling Mud Pump
Product name: eccentric bearing for Bomco F500/800/1000/1300/1600 pump
Usage: mud pump
Application: oil field
Advantage: high quality and competitive price
model:92984QU 928/508QU 929/558.8QU 928/660.4QU 929/660.4QU
Outside Diameter:558.8-1060mm
Inner diameter:419.1-800mm
Supply Ability:500 Set/Sets per Month

Bearings for Oilfield Drilling Equipments-Mud Pump Bearings

Mud pumps, used for oil and gas drilling operations, get their name from the specially prepared fluid (mud) that is pumped through the drill pipe to evacuate cuttings from the hole, as well as to cool and lubricate the drill bit. 

These are generally low speed, high displacement reciprocating pumps and can be either single- or double-acting, with the majority in use today being singleacting. Mud pumps can also feature from one to five cylinders, with a triplex arrangement being the most common. Normally, the pumps are skid mounted for transportation purposes, with the majority being horizontal in design and incorporating a fluid and power end, which are separate for maintenance purposes. 


LDB provides a wide range of bearing solutions specifically designed for oilfield applications, with excellent experience in bearing design experience in rolling element bearings and engineered plain bearings. Premium utilizes the latest analytical tools that include solid modeling, finite element analysis, and proprietary bearing design programs that provide us with unique capabilities.

LDB provides TIMKEN, FAG, SKF, RBC, XIBEI brand bearings for Mud Pumps, Rotary Tables, Swivels, Top Drives, Draw Works, Travelling Blocks of National, Oilwell, Emsco, Skytop, Ideco, Drillmec, Weatherford, TSC, Honghua, Tesco, Eweco and other equipments.

Eccentric bearing for mud pumps

NameModelExternal Diameter mmInner diameter mmWidth mmWeight kg
Main bearingOld ModelNew Model