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16379001 Slewing Bearing Turntable Bearing for Tunnel boring machines

Part Number 16379001
Maximum Allowable Gear Tooth Load (Fz) 60,240lbs | 268.929KN
Moment Load Rating (Crm) 4,250,900ft-lbs | 18977.232KN
Bearing Types Slewing Ring Bearing

16379001 Slewing Bearing Turntable Bearing for Tunnel boring machines 

The TR Series consists of three-row roller bearings which offer the highest capacity for a given diameter. When an XR or DT Series bearing doesn’t meet the stiffness and capacity requirements, consider the TR Series.

Design Features 

The bearing has three independent rows of rollers oriented normal to the direction of loads being transmitted through the bearing. Their orientation is selected to optimize capacity, provide low frictional resistance and minimize deflection.

The top and bottom rows of rollers transmit any opposing thrust loads and combine to transmit any moment loading, while the middle row transmits any radial loads. The rollers, the separator configuration used for each and the mating raceways are sized to meet load or other application requirements. In order to obtain these performance benefits, the supporting structures must satisfy higher stiffness and lower flatness requirements than those for similar sized XT or DT Series bearings. Gear teeth or other drive mechanisms can be provided on the inner or outer support ring, and the choice of hole pattern can be added for bearing retention.


TR Series bearings have been used successfully in heavy duty applications requiring extra stiffness and capacity including: 

❚ Radar ❚ Cranes ❚ Mining shovels ❚ Stackers and reclaimers ❚ Heavy mill equipment ❚ Tunnel boring machines

tr no ear.pngtr internal gear.pngtr external gear.png


Part Number16379001
Maximum Allowable Gear Tooth Load (Fz)60,240lbs | 268.929KN
Moment Load Rating (Crm)4,250,900ft-lbs | 18977.232KN
Bearing TypesSlewing Ring Bearing
Outline Dimensions and Weight
Outside Diameter of Outer Ring (Do)87.244" | 2216mm
Inside Diameter of Inner Ring (di)68.032" | 1728.01mm
Height of overall bearing assembly(H)6.969" | 177.01mm
Height of outer ring(Ho)6.772" | 172.01mm
Height of inner ring(Hi)5.315" | 135mm
External diameter on outer ring(Dr)-
Internal diameter on outer ring(Di)77.764" | 1975.21mm
External diameter on inner ring(do)78.112" | 1984.04mm
Internal diameter on inner ring(dr)71.102" | 1805.99mm
Approximate Weight (lbs)3,460lbs | 1569.421KG
Mounting Holes
Bolt Circle in Outer Ring (Lo)84.646" | 2150.01mm
Number Holes in Outer Ring (no)60
Size of hole in outer ring(Bo)1.299
Bolt circle in inner ring(Li)73.819" | 1875mm
Number Holes in Inner Ring (ni)60
Size of hole in inner ring(Bi)1.299
Gear Data
Pressure Angle of Gear Teeth (α)20 º
Tooth formFD
Pitch Diameter of Gear (D2)68.661" | 1743.99mm
Gear module(M)16
Number of Gear Teeth(z2)109
("+" / "-" sign increases tooth thickness at D2(X2)-0.5
Face Width of Gear Teeth(b2)4.252
gearInternal gear