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What is Plummer Block(Diagram , Advantages)

A plummer block consists of a cast iron Block Base, gunmetal bearing bottom & top halves, a cast iron cap and two mild steel bolts. It is made in two halves to provide easy placing and removal of the shaft in and from bearing. The split bottom & top halves give advantage to overcome wear as these can be easily replaced. The bolt holes in the block base are made longer with semi-circular ends for adjusting the position of the bearing. A half sectional pictorial view of plummer block is shown in fig (7.19) and an exploded sectional view of plummer block is shown in fig (7.20), which shows the positioning and assembling of parts in plummer block.

Half Sectional Pictorial View of Plummer-Block

Half Sectional Pictorial View of Plummer-Block

Advantage of plummer block over a simple bushed bearing

  1. take up larger loads

  2. increase bearing life

  3. be easily maintained

Plummer block bearing comes as a self contained assembly, available in wide range of sizes.

All we have to do is ensure availability of a flat and firm platform where two holes can be drilled (which would be used to bolt the plummer block down).

After installation, all it needs is periodic greasing. Bearing inside plummer block works fine in any kind of atmosphere as it is safely ensconced inside a casing.

After failure, we simply have to buy a new OEM assembly which is perfectly interchangeable without bothering about tolerances (as they are already taken care of). Furthermore, installing a plummer block assembly is relatively easier and error-proof.

Therefore, in long term, plummer block bearings provide huge coat benefits where downtime directly translates to production loss. And they make lives of people working in dangerous surroundings a bit easier.



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